# Grafana

Grafana is an open source visualization and analytics software. It allows to query, visualize, alert on, and explore metrics, logs, and traces no matter where they are stored.

Grafana Login page
Grafana Login page

By default, Grafana can be accessed at localhost:3000 or

Default credentials are:

Username: frinx
Password: frinx123!

# Monitoring

Grafana in FRINX Machine monitors multitude of metrics. At this time, these are:

  • Device monitoring
  • FRINX Machine logs
  • Node monitoring
  • Swarm monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • UniConfig-controller monitoring
  • Workflows monitoring

# Device Monitoring

This dashboard displays data on a specific installed device/node.

# FRINX Machine Logs

This dashboard monitors all services running in FRINX Machine. You can filter by individual services, and also look for a specific value.

Logs Monitoring
Logs Monitoring

# FRINX Machine Node Monitoring

This dashboard monitors the state of VM/System where FRINX Machine is running. It reports info like CPU utilisation, Memory utilisation, Disk usage, Up-time etc.

Node Monitoring
Node Monitoring

# FRINX Machine Swarm Monitoring

This dashboard monitors metrics specifically tied to FM within the VM/System.
Metrics like Up-time, Available/Utilised memory, Number of running/stopped containers, CPU usage per container, Memory usage per container, Incoming/Outcoming network traffic, etc.

Swarm Monitoring
Swarm Monitoring

# SSL Monitoring

This dashboard displays data about your SSL certificates. It displays dates until your certificates are valid.

SSL Monitoring
SSL Monitoring

# UniConfig Controller Monitoring

This dashboard keeps track of various UniConfig transactions. It displays number of transactions at a given time.

UniConfig Controller Monitoring
UniConfig Controller Monitoring

# Workflows Monitoring

Collecting data on workflows is being worked on.