Creating loopback Address and Retrieving Journals of Devices

This section shows how users can execute workflows to create loopback address on devices stored in the inventory.


Make sure you didn’t skip mounting all devices in inventory, otherwise this workflow might not work correctly.

Create loopback Address on Devices Stored in the Inventory


This use case does not work with VRP01 and netconf-testtool devices. Because of that, before executing other workflows, you need to unmount the “VRP01” and “netconf-testtool” devices that were previously mounted by the Mount_all_from_inventory workflow. In order to unmount these devices, go to Home ‣ UniConfig select the “VRP01” and “netconf-testtool” device and click “Unmount Devices”.

In the next step we will execute a workflow that creates loopback on every mounted device in UniConfig (the devices were previously mounted from inventory).

Click on Home ‣ Workflows ‣ Definitions and search for the workflow Create_loopback_all_in_uniconfig.

After providing the loopback id to be used, you can execute the workflow. As previously, click on the popped up numeric link next to the execute button.

Executed workflows

The workflow creates a loopback for all devices in the inventory. Here you see all the devices.

Workflows detail Workflow Dynamic Fork

After the main and sub-workflows have completed successfully the loopback address was created on the devices. Since we are working with emulated devices, we can check a device journal to see if it was really created.

The execution of all workflows can be manual, via the UI, or can be automated and scheduled via the REST API of conductor server.

Running the workflow for retrieving the journal of a device

In this section we show how to run the workflow for retrieving the journal of a device.

Click on: Home ‣ Workflows ‣ Definitions and search for Read_journal_cli_device.

Journal Search

After providing the device id(you need to specify the id under you mounted the device), you can execute the workflow.

Journal Execute

Under Home ‣ Workflows ‣ Executed click the ID of the previously executed workflow to see the progress of the workflow. Input/output data of each task and statistics associated with the workflow execution can all be found here.

The journal information can be found in the output of the workflow. Click Execution Flow and click on the green box with the CLI_get_cli_journal text. To transform to a readable format, click the unescape button.

Journal JSON