WebSocket NotificationsΒΆ


RFC 5277 document defines a mechanism where the NETCONF client indicates interest in receiving event notifications from a NETCONF server by creating a subscription to receive event notifications. The NETCONF server replies to indicate whether the subscription request was successful and, if it was successful, begins sending the event notifications to the NETCONF client as the events occur within the system. These event notifications will continue to be sent until either the NETCONF session is terminated or the subscription terminates for some other reason. The event notification subscription allows a number of options to enable the NETCONF client to specify which events are of interest. These are specified when the subscription is created.

This component is responsible for integration of the RFC 5277 NETCONF notification mechanism into the UniConfig. The solution provides comprehensive Northbound API to manage subscriptions lifecycle via RESTCONF and WebSocket network transport for notification delivery to the subscribers.


This section describes the high-level design of this component and provides details of communication with the NETCONF device via the Southbound interface.


Provides a list of supported operations on subscriptions, includes request examples and workflow diagrams.