UniConfig 4.2.3


  • create Lighty based distribution - removal of Apache Karaf altogether, this distribution is based on lighty.io

  • RPC input/output rework

  • Unification of RPC inputs/outputs

  • Prevent any network wide operations if no node id has been passed- All RPCs MUST specify node-id of nodes they are affecting

  • new UniConfig transactions - create-transaction, cancel-transaction are used in HA deployments

  • bugfixing

UniConfig Native

  • separate schema contexts based on device type - it allows to mount devices with same YANG models but different revisions


  • adding of AAA support

  • adding of TLS support


  • update to RFC-8040 based RESTCONF - only this version runs by default

  • usage of schema context based on device type for data parsing

  • creation of custom UniConfig JSON/XML parsers/serializers


  • added models: ipsec, frinx-if-ethernet-extension

  • added various extensions for Brocade TUs


  • run-time loading of netconf cache repositories

  • division of netconf cache based on device type

  • creation of schema context from netconf-cache

  • bugfixing

Translation Units

  • bugfixing

Known Issues

JSON response for GET snapshots of UniConfig-native nodes contain generated prefix “uniconfig-<number>-” (e.g. native-529687306-Cisco-IOS-XR-ifmgr-cfg:interface-configurations). This issue does not have an impact on RPC replace-config-with-snapshot.