# UniConfig 4.2.6

# UniConfig:

  • new feature: introduced 3-phase commit - integration of validation and confirmed-commit features - here
  • new feature: templates can be used for reusing of some configuration and afterwards easier application of this configuration into target UniConfig nodes - storing of templates in UniConfig, modification of templates including tags using RESTCONF operations, and application of templats to target UniConfig nodes using apply-template RPC
  • new feature: added copy-subtrees RPCs - merge or replace whole subtrees: copy-one-to-one, copy-one-to-many, copy-many-to-one
  • new feature: added calculate-subtree-diff RPC - calcution of diff between two subtress in datastore
  • new feature: implemented uniconfig healthcheck - RPC checks UniConfig and database connection
  • fixed auto-sync service
  • fixed creation of Unified mountpoint for CLI device without available translation units - using only 'generic' units in this case


  • improvement: removed 'native_prefix' from 'node' database relation - it is replaced by NETCONF repository name
  • fixed MDSAL union codec - it didn't work with boolean subtype

# CLI:

  • fixed unmounting of CLI device: the case when mounting process hasn't successfully finished yet


  • new feature: NETCONF validate RPC and confirmed-commit RPC exposed by extension of DOM transaction
  • improvement: mounting NETCONF device with explicitly set NETCONF repository name that must be used - using this approach, it is not necessary to explicitly override/merge capabilities in the mount request - here
  • improvement: replacing uniconfig-native fingerprint by 'schema-cache-directory' in NETCONF operational data
  • fixed mounting SROS device with specified ignoreNodes/namespaceBlacklist - here
  • fixed: unmounting of NETCONF device which mounting process hasn't finished yet
  • fixed: increased maximum NETCONF chunk size to 32*1024*1024


  • new feature: introduced 'uniconfig-schema-repository' query parameter - explicitly set name of the schema using which input/output data is validated
  • new feature: JSON attributes - option to encode XML-like attributes into JSON structure: - here


  • IOS: fix - QoS translation unit, added port-channel into interface type
  • IOS: added translation units - storm-control, standard ACL
  • IOS: refactoring - allowed vlans on trunk interface
  • SAOS: fixed translation units - statistics augmentation, command ordering, ethernet config reader/writer, ordering of VLAN and VC, order of CPE commands
  • SAOS: fixed initialization - committing configuration during initialization


  • frinx-acl-extension: added support for standard ACL
  • moved statistics from frinx-saos-vlan-extension to frinx-saos-vc-extension
  • frinx-cisco-if-extension: added storm control
  • frinx-qos-extension: extended and fixed support for IOS QoS

# Known Issues:

  • The error message needs to be fixed to inform user about the name clash and how to fix it
  • ODL did not started if cache folder for SROS16 device is applied

BGP: NullPointerException occurs when configure network instances for XE

NETCONF: Junos 18 is can't be mounted by netconf Xrv6.2.3 device has been locked and session went down after specific set of commands

CLI: Performance issues when is more than 400 devices connected

RPC: Commit and Checked commit issues when invalid configuration has been applied to one router Transaction has been locked during checked commit no rollback when invalid configuration has been configured to one router