# Uniconfig 5.0.11 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Remove namespace from response (#77)

# Bug Fixes

  • uc shell: update simple value and list value simultaneously

  • uc shell: transaction log ordering

  • VHD-162 Fixed Issue with With-Defaults param. (#68)

  • Serialization of int64, uint64, decimal types as string type

  • Changed order of executing remove and add vlans for saos6 (#75)

  • Fixed NETCONF reconnection attempts after connection timeout

  • Removed parent-node-id from NETCONF layer

  • Fixed synchronization of NETCONF session timeout

# 💡 Improvements

  • Fixed ordering of data inside transactions for SONiC device

  • Implementation of common commands of relay agent for saos8 (#78)

  • Implementation of common commands of relay agent for saos6 (#70)

  • UC shell: autocompletion of nodes (#36)

  • Fix parallelism in apply-template RPC (#73)

  • Implementation of relay-agent sub-port command for saos8 (#47)

  • Changed default value of content query parameter to 'config'

  • Add sshd package to logback.xml with INFO level (#67)