# Uniconfig 5.0.24 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Implemented RPD related commands to fiber-node TU for Arris Commscope

  • Swagger: difference between OpenAPI specifications

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RPD related writers for Arris Commscope

  • Fixed update templates in CableInterfaceUpstreamConfigWriter for Arris Commscope

  • Fixed callback leaf-list input parameter (#948)

  • Added a verification to check if lineIndex is lower than total number of parsed lines for multiline commands

  • Fixed CLI SSH KEX initialization

  • Fixed data decryption during apply-template RPC

  • Fixed regex for "show cable modem" command (#897)

  • Generate action names in java constants

# 💡 Improvements

  • Swagger: shorter operational path

# 🔧 Other

  • Implementation of RPD TUs for CER(Arris) (#819)