# UniConfig 5.0.3

# New Features

# Adding failed transactions into transaction log


Previously, only successfully committed transactions have been written into transaction log.

Added state to transaction log entry that determines, if transaction has been successfully or not committed - both successful and failed transactions are part of transaction log.


Transaction Log | Frinx Docs


Added ‘status' leaf and split ‘commit-time’ into ‘last-commit-time’ and 'failed-commit-time’ (YANG module transaction-log):

  container transactions-metadata {
    config false;
    description "Container for list of transactions metadata.";

    list transaction-metadata {
      key "transaction-id";
      ordered-by user;
      description "List of transactions metadata.";

      leaf transaction-id {
        description "Transaction identifier.";
        type types:uuid;
      choice type-of-commit-time {
        mandatory true;
        case last-commit-time-case {
          leaf last-commit-time {
            description "Date and time of the last commit.";
            type types:date-and-time;
        case failed-commit-time-case {
          leaf failed-commit-time {
            description "Date and time of when the transaction failed.";
            type types:date-and-time;

      leaf status {
        type enumeration {
          enum "success";
          enum "failed";

      list metadata {
        key "node-id";
        description "List of changes.";

        min-elements 1;
        uses transaction-entry;

# 💡 Improvements

# Integrated OWASP dependency check tool into UniConfig

  • 3-rd party libraries are check against security issues during building of UniConfig distribution. If there are some issues with security level higher than configured threshold, built will fail.
  • Set security threshold level to 10 and fixed corresponding critical errors.

# Bug Fixes

# Fixed updating of leaf-list content (ordered/unordered) on NETCONF device

  • Unordered leaf-list must be updated using following steps:

    1. removing all items that are not in the updated list
    2. inserting all items that are only in the updated list

  • There was 1 bug: step 1. never happened.

  • Ordered leaf-list must be updated using following steps:

    1. inserting/moving new/existing items in the correct order (using ordering parameters) [1]
    2. removal of all items that are not in the updated list [2]

  • There was 1 bug - all items were removed and afterwards re-inserted without usage of special positional attributes - it created conflict on NETCONF layer between edits and thus splitting of NETCONF traffic into 2 edit-config messages.

# Device discovery /32 prefix changed to inclusive

User must be able to ping network with prefix /32 - it must be rendered as single host (special case).

# UniConfig shell - exit - it is expected to hit enter twice

Previous behaviour:

$ ssh -p 2022 admin@
Password authentication
I press <ENTER> but the program is waiting for hitting the next <ENTER> button

Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

After fix, UniConfig will print user some message, that one more is expected to leave SSH session.