# Uniconfig 5.1.1 Release Notes

# New Features

  • make replace request on correct node for gnmi

  • Implemented some new commands for Huawei TU (#580) (#639)

  • Add GetTemplateNodes RPC and add support to Client

  • Implementation of MIB parser using ANTLR grammar

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NPE for JSONCodecFactoryLoader

  • Fixed deserialization of uniconfig instance record read from DB (#700)

  • Fixed encryption of leaves marked using deviations

  • Fix vulnerabilities by changing base docker image

  • Stop cleaning YANG repos associated to persisted nodes

  • Fix vulnerabilities by changing base docker image

  • Swagger: fix actions using custom operational path

  • Suppressed CVE-2021-4277 (#613)

# 💡 Improvements

  • Swagger: mandatory indicator

  • Improved registration of unexpected YANGs downloaded from device

  • Add compare-config RPC.

  • Changed logging level: Unable to map identifier to capability

  • Skipping unknown fields in GET request

  • Added an RPC input to enable error handling for execute-and-read RPC (#668)

  • Fetch Kafka settings to client.

  • gnmi support for upgrade-from-network RPC

  • add gnmi protocol to get-installed-nodes RPC

  • Swagger: add drop-down for topology-id parameter

# 🔧 Other

  • PUT and DELETE operations for callbacks