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Configure VPP using VAT

Set interface on index 1: up + IP

sw_interface_set_flags sw_if_index 1 admin-up

sw_interface_add_del_address sw_if_index 1

Configure IPFIX export from interface 1’s IP address to collector at port 4739

ip_neighbor_add_del sw_if_index 1 dst mac 08:00:27:82:c1:90

classify_add_del_table mask l3 ip4 src

classify_add_del_session acl-hit-next permit table-index 0 skip_n 1 match_n 1 match l3 ip4 src

flow_classify_set_interface sw_if_index 1 ip4-table 0

set_ipfix_exporter collector_address src_address template_interval 5

set_ipfix_classify_stream domain 1

ipfix_classify_table_add_del table 0 ip4 add

… this configures VPP’s interface with index 1 to export IPFIX statistics and send them to UDP server

Start a UDP server

nc -ul 4739

… this bash UDP server will accept the IPFIX data and display on screen. A better way of reading the data is using Wireshark (you can ping to increase the stats) Sample capture from Wireshark <img src=”” alt=”” width=”1252” height=”800” class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-4588” />

Further configuration options

To export IP source, IP destination, Protocol configure classifier with:

classify_add_del_table mask l3 ip4 src dst proto l4

flow_classify_set_interface sw_if_index 1 ip4-table 0

To also export ports, configure with:

classify_add_del_table mask l3 ip4 src dst proto l4 src_port dst_port

IPFIX limitations as of 17.01

IPFIX has some limitations that (might) limit its usage within real use cases:

  1. Only inbound/ingress traffic is matched/exported by IPFIX

  2. When using both IPFIX and IPSEC, the traffic is always going through IPFIX node before IPSEC decrypt, making IPFIX not work at all - there is an issue with the node graph order

  3. Matching L4 ports is also triggered for port-less protocols like ICMP, exporting each ICMP packet as new flow (since ports are assigned random numbers), which makes IPFIX export packets too big

  4. Each flow/connection creates a new classify session in order to be able to report it via IPFIX, however the sessions are not “garbage collected” making this a memory leak

  5. Due to creating new sessions for each flow, it is impossible to customize IPFIX matching e.g. match only TCP/UDP protocols, any IP with a port range