# FRINX Workflow Manager introduction

FRINX Workflow Manager allows customers to create automated, repeatable, digital processes to build, grow and operate their digital communication infrastructure. FRINX Workflow Manager is based on open-source components and enables infrastructure and network engineers to create and operate workflows to implement configuration changes and obtain operational data from their heterogeneous networks and clouds. Typical examples are the automation of services that span resources in the cloud and physical assets, the automation of slices and capacity increases in mobile networks, the interaction with CRM and inventory systems, the management of Internet and Infrastructure services and the automation of core network functions. Workflow Manager can be deployed standalone or as part of FRINX Machine.

FRINX Workflow Manager uses Netflix's Conductor for task/workflow orchestration. We recommend to take a look at their Documentation as an introduction to Tasks, Workflows, Definitions and an overall prerequisite to working with FRINX Workflow Manager.