# Creating a Layer 2 VPN Point-to-Point Connection

This section details how to find and execute a prebuilt workflow that creates a Layer 2 VPN Point-to-Point connection within Workflow Manager.

# Navigating through Workflow Manager

From the FRINX Machine dashboard you can either select Workflow Manager --> Explore Workflows --> Explore, or select the menu tab in the upper left-hand corner and select Workflow Manager.

You can then search for Create_L2VPN_P2P_OC_uniconfig or scroll down to find it within the inventory of prebuilt workflows.

Frinx Machine Dashboard
Frinx Machine Dashboard

Workflows Dashboard
Workflows Dashboard

Once you have located the workflow press the Play button to the right of the workflow, this will navigate you to the workflow configuration window.

# Configuring the Workflow

Input is pre-filled with following data:

node01: IOS01
node02: IOS02
interface01: GigabitEthernet1
interface02: GigabitEthernet3
vcid: 444

L2 VPN Configuration
L2 VPN Configuration

Once you have completed, press the Execute button, a numeric link will populate to the left of the Execute button. Click on this numeric link to see the output of the executed workflow.

Numeric Link
Numeric Link

# Output of the Executed Workflow

On the Workflows page you will see your executed workflows.

Select the workflow Create_L2VPN_P2P_OC_uniconfig to see the output from all of the tasks completed within this workflow.

Executed Workflow Details
Executed Workflow Details

This following sections are available within the output window:

Task Details: This tab gives a detailed list of the individual tasks executed within the conductor, a log of each tasks start and end time, and a status of 'Completed' or 'Failed'.

Input/Output: This is the input of the API call and the results from the API call.

JSON: This tab gives a detailed output in JSON format of all executed tasks from within the workflow. Select the Unescape button to make the output more user-friendly to read.

Edit & Rerun: Allows you to make changes to your initial workflow, creating a new workflow without effecting the original.

Execution Flow: A structured map from the conductor lays out the path of tasks executed from start to finish, any forks in the path are also shown here.

If you click on any of the tasks you will receive a pop-up window that gives:

  1. The option to review a summary of input and output of the API call.
  2. JSON output of the completed task with that goes into greater detail about the task execution.
  3. Log status.

# Sub-Workflows

Within the original Details of Create_L2VPN_P2P_OC_uniconfig window you will see a sub-workflow.


This sub-workflow is an embedded task that makes a separate API call to Slack to notify a pre-defined user group that the workflow has been executed and whether it has succeeded or failed.