# Uniconfig 5.0.13 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Add jsonb-filter in UC client

  • Automation of adding release notes to documetation

  • API for bulk addition of templates

  • Implementation of callbacks

  • Implementation of publishing shell notifications to kafka

  • JSONB filtering core

  • Upgrade-from-network as part of sync-from-network

# Bug Fixes

  • Cancellation of initial NETCONF RPCs after request timeout

  • Fixed parsing XML-endoded leaf with instance-identifier to list

  • Fixed synchronization of notification listeners

  • Releasing subscription that is bound to tangling mountpoint

  • Fixed construction of output with set with-defaults param

  • Fix gnmi unknown augmentations

# 💡 Improvements

  • Implementing HideAttributes query-parameter per request. - Introduced query parameter HidesAttribute. Default value is 'false'. Hides all composite data-tree nodes attributes to the GET response.

  • Stop acquiring subscription that was released in the same iteration

  • Fixed and refactored DOMMountPointService implementation

  • Add support for template leaf hashing

  • Improved code and API of create-multiple-templates RPC

  • Implemented frinx-types:json-element in the JSON deserializer

  • Swagger - Grouping requests

  • Swagger - Remove patch operation

  • Bump Mockito and get rid of Powermock

  • Bump Mockito and get rid of Powermock

  • Swagger: inclusion of action endpoints

  • YangPackager does not catch broken submodules

  • Refresh schema context for netconf southbound if device was upgraded

  • Make mountpoint service call listeners from different thread