# Uniconfig 5.0.14 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Added a flag to disable confirmed-commit phase in commit RPC (#181)

# Bug Fixes

  • Fix parsing of sslPassword parameter

  • Fix setting of DbConnectionConfig parameters

  • Fix of incorrect UC behavior when on limit with DB connections

  • Fixed recovery of Cipher object

  • Adding 'rsa_' prefix to encrypted data

  • Fixed parsing NETCONF action response

  • Fixed creation of aug with admin-state leaf

  • Updated config metadata pattern in reader for ios xe devices (#174)

  • Fixed encryption (#170)

  • Disable html escaping in callbacks output

  • Fixed SAOS Qos TU writer

  • Make tailf:info revision independent

  • Jsonb-filter multiple schemas bugfix

  • Fix Flyway when using SSL encryption

  • Changed the way to get config metadata for ios xe devices

  • Fixed duplicate module lookup in path deserializer (RESTCONF) (#150)

  • Fixed detection and recovery from cyclic dependency error in YANGs (#161)

  • Fix adding release notes to documentation repository

# 💡 Improvements

  • Internal delete for trunk-vlans

  • JSONB-filter improvement