# Uniconfig 5.0.18 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Implemented TU for collecting all the information in NTP MCS for Saos6 and Saos8 (#420)

  • Implemented low priority fields for collecting inventory for SAOS6 CEN(ring) (#341)

# Bug Fixes

  • Swagger: Fix generation of arguments in path

  • Fixed cleanup of existing MP during mount-node RPC

  • Swagger: fix generation of choice nodes

  • Fixed encryption of sensitive info passed via template variables (#326)

  • fix Jsonb filter element filtering

  • Swagger - Fix request generation

  • Fixed passing leaf-list in shell callbacks

# 💡 Improvements

  • Fix Logback and cleanup POMs

  • Swagger: Custom operational path

  • Improved reporting of parsing issues in RESTCONF

  • Swagger - Improve start file

  • Changed order of some commands for SAOS8 (#348)

  • Swagger: generate augmentations in respective modules

  • Expose request-timeout parameter

  • Bump dependency-check to 7.3.0

  • readEntireConfig toString returns plain content

  • Reading mount configuration in the uniconfig-client

  • Swagger: generate augmentations in respective modules