# Uniconfig 5.0.20 Release Notes

# New Features

  • Support for GetInstalledNodes in UC client - 5.0.x

  • Add getJSONOutput to UniConfig client

  • Added some commands for collecting data for IOS-XE (#515)

  • Skip unreachable nodes at commit

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed leafref version-drop

  • Suppress Netty FP CVEs

  • Fixed quit command in the shell

  • Fixed pattern handling and XPath extension parsing

  • Fixed parsing of seconds in XR native metadata unit

  • Swagger: fix generation of action nodes (5.0.X)

  • Swagger: fix no key lists generation (5.0.X)

  • Fixed locking of nodes from TX with enabled dedicated sessions (#523)

  • Fix bug in bulk edit operation

  • Swagger: fix generation of operation children from config container

# 💡 Improvements

  • Change overallStatus when skiping unreachable nodes

  • handle user parameters input in GnmiDefaultParametersService

  • Removed 'reconcile' mountpoint parameter (#572)

  • Disable verification of supported query parameters (5.0.x) (#549)

  • Swagger: toggle generation of POST apis for containers

  • Bulk-edit rpc improvements

# 🔧 Other

  • Swagger: fix npe in custom operational path (5.0.X)

  • Added only-vlan parser, upgraded trunk-vlans for huawei (#528)

  • Callbacks authentication