# Device installation

# Device installation

Guide explaining installation mechanisms along with both CLI and NETCONF examples.

# UniConfig CLI

The CLI southbound plugin enables the Frinx UniConfig to communicate with CLI devices that do not speak NETCONF or any other programmatic API. The CLI service module uses YANG models and implements a translation logic to send and receive structured data to and from CLI devices.

# UniConfig Netconf

NETCONF is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) protocol used for configuration and monitoring devices in the network. It can be used to “create, recover, update, and delete configurations of network devices”.NETCONF operations are overlaid on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) layer and may be described in either XML or JSON.

# UniConfig-native CLI

UniConfig-native CLI allows user configuration of CLI-enabled devices using YANG models that describe configuration commands. In UniConfig-native CLI deployment translation units are defined only by YANG models and device-specific characteristics that are used for parsing and serialization of commands. Afterwards, readers and writers are automatically created and provided to translation registry - user doesn’t write them individually. YANG models can be constructed by following of well-defined rules that are explained in Developer Guide.

Network management protocols are used in southbound API of UniConfig Lighty distribution for device installation and communication. Currently, following protocols are supported:

  1. NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol)